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Before and After

The situation with our guesthouse is being resolved as best as can be expected.  We were offered, and subsequently took, accommodations at a facility that is just down the road from our original guesthouse. 
Our new lodging will not be quite as lavish as what was lost in the fire, but it will suit us just fine.  Our transportation and tours will remain unchanged.  The new accommodation has a restaurant on site (the other did not) and, as Lauren and I love nothing more than we love to eat, this is a welcome addition. 
If the fire had happened six months ago, I would have been much more aggressive in seeking out alternate arrangements.  To take on this task now wouldn’t mean just finding a nice, safe, reputable guest house or hotel; I would also need to book us transportation to eight matches, a shuttle service to and from the airport, a Soweto tour and our side trips to the Elephant Sanctuary and the Lion Park.  It is a little much to take on in one month’s time. 

I suspect that the financial difference between the room rates of the two properties is not so great as to warrant the additional time and effort I would spend booking a new hotel and arranging new transport and tours.  And, really, we won’t be losing any money by staying at the new guest house:  to book transportation and tours through third parties will cost more and likely eat up any remaining fiscal gain we would see if we moved to a less expensive guesthouse.  Unless we chose really Spartan accommodations.  Which pretty much wouldn’t happen under any circumstances.  (Shout out to our beloved Uncle Rick, who developed our fine tastes in hotels at very young ages!) 

After a bit of shock, a bit of panic, a bit of research and a bit of time to soak it all in: we are back on track and bound for South Africa.  27 days and counting!