Get it together, USSF

While we have been not recapping our Euro 2016 adventure, we’ve been tentatively planning a quick jaunt down to Columbus for the USA/Mexico World Cup qualifying match in November.

Because of the allure of a USA/Mexico game in Columbus, home of so many dos a cero matches, tickets are in incredibly high demand. U.S. Soccer is allotting tickets differently as a result: no longer are you taking your chances in a standard Ticketmaster first-come, first-served sale. Instead, everyone is thrown into a big drawing and, the higher your seniority is with U.S. Soccer (thankfully, we’re quite loyal), the greater your chances are for tickets.

So, we’re probably good for tickets to the game but not definitely good and that will make a girl nervous.

Especially since Katie has already made arrangements to fly in for the match.

From the beginning of this ticketing process, U.S. Soccer told the public that the lottery results would be available on October 10.

On October 10, we all checked our email 1,271 times.


Until just after 4:00 pm, when we were told that we would find out before midnight.

And then we continued to check our email furiously.

Some of us intentionally stayed up late.

And then midnight came and went. So we stayed up a little bit later.

And then all of a sudden, U.S. Soccer had the courtesy to tell us the tickets would not be allotted until the next day.


It’s hard to believe that U.S. Soccer figured that out at the stroke of midnight. Not at a respectable hour such as 9:00 pm when fans would have had ample time to Tweet out a few complaints before taking a shower and heading to bed?

Lest you think that U.S. Soccer ironed out the situation during business hours, I will point out that it is 9:06 p.m. on the day that we were promised tickets after not getting tickets on the promised day and: crickets.

C’mon, USSF. We have trips to plan and patriotic bandannas to buy.


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