June 21, 2016

We had an early start on our trip to Lyon.

We had elected to fly via the Windsor, Ontario airport, which therefore required us to drive across the USA/Canada airport. On a weekday. During rush hour. With a major construction project happening on one of Detroit’s major freeways.

We left with plenty of time. And got over the border with plenty of time.

So we stopped for breakfast!

Then we headed to the Windsor airport.

Which is tiny. Any time that we might have lost at the border (where our wait really wasn’t long at all), we gained back in our two minute wait at the ticket counter and the 45 seconds it took to breeze through security.

Very painless. Free wifi. Would recommend.

We took a tiny plane for the short flight to Toronto.


Upon arriving in Toronto, we experienced our first mishap of the trip: we weren’t permitted to use the Air Canada lounge. Why? Because, though we had flown in on Air Canada, our flight to Lyon was via Brussels Airlines.

Damn fine print.

(Spoiler alert: we used the Air Canada lounge passes on our way home.)

Instead, we snagged a table at one of the airport bars and enjoyed Germany/Northern Ireland.

…and a plate of poutine.


When in Rome AM I RIGHT?

Turkey v. Croatia and Spain v. Czech Republic followed closely thereafter. We packed up, headed towards our terminal and settled in at another bar. And then another.

Thank goodness for the soccer and the alcohol and the poutine for distracting us from realizing exactly how long we were sitting around Pearson International Airport. Eventually, finally, we made it onto the plane.

Let’s pause for a second here and talk about the seats on Brussels Airlines.  Awful.


Worst. Headrest. Ever.

It was a long flight.

(And we’ve been on much longer!)



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