Lyon Adventures

We are eating and walking our way through Lyon.

And drinking wine along the way.

While getting lost a little more frequently than we would like to admit.

Which may or may not have anything to do with the wine.

Highlights include: shopping for breakfast at the market, taking a pastry class, a traditional Lyonaise dinner that resulted in three new friends and a hike up the side of a damn mountain in Vieux Lyon. 
Our first Euro match, Hungary/Portugal, was fantastically exciting (minus the last 10 minutes) and we’re looking forward to Switzerland/Poland this afternoon. 

It’s been years since a not awesome incident at USA/Poland in Chicago, so we’re hoping that Poland’s traveling supporters are a bit more mellow than the Chicago contingent. We’re going to the stadium as true neutrals — no Swiss or Poland gear for us — so there shouldn’t be any issues. We’ll be cheering on the Swiss; if any country could appreciate our appearance of neutrality, it should be Switzerland!


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