Monthly Archives: June 2016

Lyon Adventures

We are eating and walking our way through Lyon.

And drinking wine along the way.

While getting lost a little more frequently than we would like to admit.

Which may or may not have anything to do with the wine.

Highlights include: shopping for breakfast at the market, taking a pastry class, a traditional Lyonaise dinner that resulted in three new friends and a hike up the side of a damn mountain in Vieux Lyon. 
Our first Euro match, Hungary/Portugal, was fantastically exciting (minus the last 10 minutes) and we’re looking forward to Switzerland/Poland this afternoon. 

It’s been years since a not awesome incident at USA/Poland in Chicago, so we’re hoping that Poland’s traveling supporters are a bit more mellow than the Chicago contingent. We’re going to the stadium as true neutrals — no Swiss or Poland gear for us — so there shouldn’t be any issues. We’ll be cheering on the Swiss; if any country could appreciate our appearance of neutrality, it should be Switzerland!


Current Status



Checked into our apartment, which has a view so quaint that we think we’re basically French.

And on our way to Hungary/Portugal!

Where Are We?

Hint: this is our lunch. Hint: it is poutine. 


That’s right, our journey has begun and we’re at the airport in Toronto.

Our layover in Toronto is lengthy but we have been saved by (what else?!) soccer on television. Also the airport bar. Also gluten-free brownies.

A few hours (and one additional soccer game from now), we catch our flight to Europe. We’ll arrive in Lyon on Wednesday morning after what is hopefully a decent sleep on the plane. On the agenda for tomorrow: exploring Lyon followed by Portugal/Hungary in the evening.