Rame_Rhônexpress_à_la_station_-Aéroport_Lyon_-_Saint_Éxupéry-Lyon to Nice: done.

Lyon to Saint-Étienne: booked.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to downtown Lyon: completed!

Upon our arrival, we will be take the Rhônexpress from the airport to the Lyon-Part-Dieu railway station. Rhônexpress is a fairly new transit line. It’s privately owned, not a government entity, so it’s a bit pricey in comparison to the other train tickets we purchased, but still less than hiring a taxi.

You can buy a Rhônexpress pass online for about $16.75, which is a very modest $1.48 discount over paying full-price in person. You don’t buy a pass for a certain day or time (we’ll appreciate that flexibility if we have any travel disasters) — it’s just good for three months after purchase.

Trains leave every 15 minutes and it takes about a half-hour to get into Lyon. It sounds pretty hard to mess up. Which is exactly what we’ll need after a long day of travel.



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