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Special Delivery


From UEFA headquarters to suburban Detroit: we have tickets.



Rame_Rhônexpress_à_la_station_-Aéroport_Lyon_-_Saint_Éxupéry-Lyon to Nice: done.

Lyon to Saint-Étienne: booked.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to downtown Lyon: completed!

Upon our arrival, we will be take the Rhônexpress from the airport to the Lyon-Part-Dieu railway station. Rhônexpress is a fairly new transit line. It’s privately owned, not a government entity, so it’s a bit pricey in comparison to the other train tickets we purchased, but still less than hiring a taxi.

You can buy a Rhônexpress pass online for about $16.75, which is a very modest $1.48 discount over paying full-price in person. You don’t buy a pass for a certain day or time (we’ll appreciate that flexibility if we have any travel disasters) — it’s just good for three months after purchase.

Trains leave every 15 minutes and it takes about a half-hour to get into Lyon. It sounds pretty hard to mess up. Which is exactly what we’ll need after a long day of travel.


Fashion Mavens

pebble-beachWe are looking forward to a beach day or two while we are in Nice. Perhaps a canoeing adventure or a cruise on a paddleboard while we’re at it.

This requires a bit more planning than packing a swimsuit and a bottle of sunscreen because, in Nice, the beaches are rocky.

Instead of sand, Nice’s beaches are covered in little stones called galets.

fashionWhile they are a fashion statement that we would rather not make, apparently water shoes are a necessity.

In preparation of traversing the galets, we hopped onto eBay and bought a flashy pair of water shoes for $2 per pair.

Our snazzy water shoes are being shipped from China and will undoubtedly look fabulous paired with our bikinis.

Watch out, Nice! We’re bringing our unique brand of practical fashion to you in 51 days!