Precautionary Measures

IMG_0986Admittedly, this is a weird time to be planning a trip to Europe.

We’re trying to find the right balance between excessively paranoid and naively carefree.

We enrolled in STEP: the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, therefore registering our trip with the nearest embassy/consulate.

IMG_0950If you’re also an American traveling abroad: it’s free and it’s fast and it’s easy and hopefully just another one of those precautions that you never need but do anyway. Like buying travel insurance and getting inoculations.

We highly doubt that we’ll be in a position where it is important that the United States Government be able to contact us or know our whereabouts in case of an emergency, it doesn’t hurt.

It’s not like we’re going incognito because this trip is a front for drug muleing. And it’s not like our travels won’t be reflected via our passports, anyway. So we have no problem with providing the government the details of our trip.

Like our trip to Brazil in 2014 and like our trip to South Africa before that: we will do all that we can to be safe and smart.

Because that’s all that you can do.


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