Another Round of Ticketing

There is something very strange about stalking the pending charges on your credit card account multiple times a day for an entire week. But, in the name of securing tickets to Euro 2016, these strange things must be done.

For those of you who may be looking to be anxious about ticket allocation for a big event, I will let you in on a little secret: your card is charged before you get notification.

This morning, there was finally a magical pending charge.


The amount made it clear that we only snagged one of the two games we applied for. Which one? At the moment that was a mystery, but we felt confident guessing that it was the Round of 16 match in Saint-Étienne.

The other match we applied for (Round of 16 game in Lyon) is very likely going to feature the home side, France, and that just has to be the harder ticket to obtain.

There is usually some lag between when the charges go through and when purchasers are notified of what tickets they won (this is pure torture when you apply for a lot of games), so were prepared to wait until Monday to get our confirmation email from UEFA.

And then UEFA came through early!


This is basically a miracle.

We have never seen the host country play a game in a major tournament, let alone attend a knockout match for the host country.*

In the unlikely event that France stumble and finish second in its group, we will (hopefully) have that covered, too. We are going to continue to fight the good fight and keep trying for tickets to the Round of 16 match in Saint-Étienne, which features the runner up of France’s group.

The next round of ticketing is first-come, first-served — with the extra bonus of tickets being released at all times of day and night. Constant and obsessive surveillance of UEFA’s website will ensue. Stay tuned.


*Sorry, France, for almost certainly jinxing you with these statements. 


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