While we are waiting to hear from the results of UEFA’s latest ticket lottery (please send us your best and luckiest vibes), we thought we would fill you in on the latest and greatest.

After booking our tickets through The True North Strong and Free, we were left with a slight conundrum: how to spend our 6 hour layover in Toronto.

Initially, we were eyeing a quick trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sure, we’ve visited before but it’s been a long time since we made annual pilgrimages to Toronto for hockey tournaments. Not to mention that it sounds a hell of a lot more entertaining than burning the time in a terminal at Pearson. FullSizeRender

Our exhaustive (not really) internet searches recommended against a quick trip into Toronto. Our layover wasn’t quite long enough to justify the hassle. But we could catch a taxi and make a pilgrimage to the nearby mall. Or we could  buy tickets on eBay to Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge.

We never would have even considered these other options! That is why obsessive internet searching prior to trips is a highly recommended activity: you’re harnessing the wisdom of, like, all of humanity. Or at least those who have internet access and like to share their travel tips and recommendations. So, basically: nerds. But very helpful nerds. That insider nerd knowledge goes a very long way towards planning a great trip.

Within a few days of booking our tickets, and $60 and a modest amount of eBay bidding later, we had secured two passes to the Maple Leaf Lounge and therefore a way to eat and drink (unlimited coffee! unlimited sandwiches! unlimited alcohol!)  and WiFi our way through our layover in Toronto.

Will the amenities in the Maple Leaf Lounge be worth the money? Will we get kicked out for consuming all of the pasta salad? Will the wireless signal be strong enough that we can stream Orange is the New Black? Stay tuned. 120 days to go.


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