O, Canada

canada_heartEarly in our trip planning, we got a tip from a friend that travelling to France via Toronto was significantly cheaper than flying out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Like, $500 per ticket cheaper.

This information seemed far too good to be true. We investigated this urban legend and: confirmed. It costs way less to fly out of Toronto.

Since the drive from Detroit to Toronto is only about four hours, and the train running from Windsor to Toronto takes about the same amount of time, it was worth considering.

(Windsor, for those of you who may not know because maybe you live in Israel, is the Ontario city sitting directly across the Detroit River from Detroit.)

We looked at the train schedule and different Delta flight options running out of Toronto Pearson International Airport and we could definitely make it work.

It wasn’t until late in the game that we did a search of flights from Windsor’s airport. Which we should have done straightaway because that’s just common sense; it only takes an hour to fly from Windsor to Toronto.

Tickets — not on Delta (which is the airline we had focused our searches on initially) — were $1,000 less than if we were to fly out of Detroit.



No exaggeration.

Okay, very slight exaggeration. On the day we bought our tickets, flights from Detroit were running $1882. We paid $885. $997.

Crossing the border into Canada just to catch a plane will probably be irritating but so is paying an extra $1,000 per person.

And that is why we love you, Canada. For your hockey. For your poutine. For your cheap airfare to France.


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