Hey, Christiano, hey!

IMG_0457There is a group-stage game in Lyon on the day that we arrive.

We’ve been considering this match all along but we were noncommittal about attending the game because sometimes those last games in the group stage can be a big snooze. Both teams know they’re moving on and just want to get through the game without major injuries, neither team is moving on and they’re playing only because they have to play or some other boring combination of the two.

(On the contrary, third game in the group stage can also be thrilling because a team is playing for its life in the tournament.)

But then Portugal was drawn as the first seed in group F and GOODBYE, DOUBT.

Hello, Cristiano Ronaldo.

We have always wanted and never had the chance to see Portugal and the fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo, two-time winner of the Ballon d’Or and all-around stud. How could we possibly resist?

We cannot. Exhausted from travel we may be but that will not keep us from gracing Mr. Ronaldo, his teammates, the Hungarian national team and all of the others at the Stade des Lumières with our presence.

Bonus: rather than jump through UEFA’s silly ticketing hoops, we’re buying extra tickets off of a lovely British ex-pat who happens to be one of the poor souls who joined us on our gong show of a trip to Natal to see Italy/Uruguay.

Saved once again by the kindness of (semi) strangers.

We’ll be doing the ticket exchange via mail, of course. Just to avoid the awkwardness of showing up significantly late to a prearranged meeting.

Not that we would ever do such a thing.


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