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Le Rendez-Vous: an update

uefa-euro-2016-drawUEFA held the Euro 2016 finals draw in Paris last month.

It turns out the draw isn’t quite as exciting when you’re only planning to attend knockout games: we have been to enough of these tournaments to realize that the teams we think we’re going to see (exhibit 1: assuming England, getting USA in 2010) aren’t always the teams that we end up seeing.

Not to count our eggs before they hatch, but: should either (or both) finish second in their respective groups, we could catch Portugal or England at the Round of 16 game in Nice. Or Portugal versus England, which would basically be electric soccer magicpalooza.

And then, ticket gods willing, we will most likely see France’s Round of 16 match in either Saint-Étienne (June 25), if they finish second in their group, or Lyon (June 26), if they win their group.

Of course, as one of these matches will probably feature the host country, it is safe to assume that tickets to both of these matches will be harder to come by. Which is why we didn’t win tickets in the first ticketing lottery. Which is why we’re holding our breath entering the next round of ticket allocation.

Both of us have submitted applications in the next round of the ticket lottery but we may need a bit of luck. Cross your fingers for us, please and thank you.

As a last resort, we would most definitely show up at the stadia on match days and try to score tickets on site. Flying to France without guaranteed tickets in hand would have made us mighty nervous way back when, but we’ve been to enough of these to know that there is always, always, always someone selling extra tickets.

We will make this happen.

(Note to self: research if scalping is legal in France.)