Monthly Archives: November 2015

Yes, we are

FRANCE-ATTACKS-PARIS-LOGOThe unfortunate question that we have been asked, repeatedly, in the days following Friday’s horrific terror attack in Paris: are you still going to France next summer?

Yes, we still plan to go to France. We plan to go to France and we plan to go to big soccer games in big stadia when we are in France. We plan to live our lives as we wish to live them and experience the cultures that we want to experience and see the sights that we want to see and take on the adventures that excite us.

It is our small act of defiance in the face of terrorism.

Because that’s the ultimate goal of terrorism, isn’t it? To make us so suspicious, scared, paranoid that we are too afraid to crave adventure?

We still crave adventure. We still seek it. We are not afraid.