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Not Due to a Fire

This feels very familiar. 10 days after cancelling the reservation at our backup hotel in Lyon, we receive an email notifying us that our first-choice, great-value, great-location, this-is-too-good-to-be-true hotel dropped our reservation.


Now it is back to the proverbial drawing and, wouldn’t you know? Hotels are booked up and those that aren’t are charging special, astronomical Euro 2016 rates.


Yet slightly less so than having your hotel burn down one month out from your first African adventure. How about that for positive thinking?


That time the USWNT came to us

DSC_0051We are used to having to travel to see our national teams but, for once, the national team came to us.

The USWNT was in Detroit as part of their Victory Tour, celebrating their Women’s World Cup win.

U.S. Soccer was nice enough to give us on-field passes for their training session, which happened the day before the game.


Hello, goalies!

Then we had some quality time with the Women’s World Cup trophy (and a few Ford Field staffers).



As is only proper, we went to Thomas Magee’s Sporting House in Eastern Market (where we watched the Women’s World Cup Final) to make merry before the game. It was a decent crowd for a random Thursday afternoon.


The Supporters marched together to Ford Field. The march was missing the magical atmosphere of our last march with U.S. Soccer fans — and it was also missing the bottle of Jack Daniels that we passed around — but there was something special about marching through our hometown with a harmless gang of soccer hooligans.


The Americans were set to play Australia until the Matildas went on strike. Good for them, bad for us. The last minute replacement was Haiti.


Here is Lauren contemplating how she is good enough to play on the Hatian team.

USA 5 – Haiti 0.

Despite the lopsided win, it was a fun time, an awesome reason to break out our patriotic skinny jeans and a really good warm-up for October.

What’s happening in October?

Stay tuned.

(Hint: dos a cero.)