Favorite Things 6/26

Katie: the fantastic view at, Beijupira, the restaurant that overlooks Olinda. After returning from the game, jumping into the pool in our clothes (just because we were already soaking wet) and showering, we went there for passion fruit Caipirinhas and dinner.Image

Lauren: when we were at the American Outlaws party (the super-dedicated USA supporters group took over an entire bar and then marched to the stadium) before the USA/Germany game, Alyson went to the bar to buy shots and just came back with an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. ‘Merica.

Alyson: seeing all of the USA fans at the match and around town all day. So much red, white and blue. I don’t know why the popular belief that that Americans don’t like soccer continues to persist. We brought it, my friends. The American side was very well represented in the stands and on the Metro and in that bar where the employees will probably never recover from being subjected to hours of chanting soccer fans and Bruce Springsteen being played on repeat.


One response to “Favorite Things 6/26

  1. The belief that americans don’t like soccer continues becasue some bald man are stupid, even if they have the title Dr before their name.
    Kick Belgium ass

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