Favorite Things 6/23

1. A crunchy chocolate cappuccino enjoyed at the lunch we grabbed to avoid the rain at FIFA Fan Fest in Recife.
2. Successfully utilizing the Metro for our round-trip commute to the stadium for Mexico/Croatia.

1. The hotel put their magical Brazilian donuts back into the breakfast rotation.
2. Realizing that, when another traveler at our hotel was telling us about his no-toilet-paper-in-the-restroom bathroom debacle, that he was displaying the telltale distress sign — he wasn’t wearing socks — and calling him out on it. There was no denial.

1. The rush of freedom I felt after finally escaping the (very kind, don’t get me wrong) talkative older Canadian gentleman who trapped me in conversation for 90 minutes at breakfast.
2. Escaping the idiocy that is the Mexican fan base with nothing more than a beer shower. While they showed absolutely no violence towards us (seriously, Jayne and Heidi) and they’re generally lovely people on an individual basis, when banded together as a supporters group, Mexico’s fans are morons.


One response to “Favorite Things 6/23

  1. More bathroom stories. please

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