Favorite Things: 6/21

Without a game to attend, we had plenty of time to explore Olinda, the city we’re staying in. Olinda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dating back to the 18th century. As you can probably imagine, there was a lot to see. We didn’t fit everything in because the pool and the Germany/Ghana match were calling our names.

Katie: the best part of the day was the view from Olinda’s water tower. The water tower is a modernist building that rises six stories above the Alto da Se and, from the top, you have a panoramic view of Recife and the Atlantic Ocean. It is phenomenal.

Lauren: our dinner at Maison do Bonfim, which included caipirinhas (we attempted to count the number of caipirinhas we have had in our three days in Brazil and it is a very high number), steak Normandy, potatoes au gratin, a rich chocolate cake/ice cream dessert and the Nigeria/Bosnia game on the television.

Alyson: the complete surprise we had when we walked out onto the patio of the first place we were exploring, Convento de São Francisco, and were met with a view of the ocean, Olinda and Recife in the distance. Admittedly, it isn’t the view from the water tower but I loved it because we were totally taken by surprise. From there, the views just kept getting better.



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