Favorite Things: 6/20

Eventually, we’ll spill all of the details of our first full day in Brazil. Until then, here are each of our personal favorite moments.

Katie: attending my first World Cup match! (Followed closely by our dinner of kielbasa and French fries, ordered accidentally).

Alyson: talking to people from all over the world, including the Israeli father and son staying at our hotel, the kindly Canadian from Ottawa who was carrying his guitar, a Brazilian father and son who were rooting for Italy, the Mexican man who asked for a picture and a kiss, and numerous friendly cab drivers who we communicate with solely via smiles and nods.

Lauren: buying a fresh coconut from an old man on the street and drinking fresh coconut water from it. When the coconut water was finished, I got the great idea to smash the coconut open on the steps of the Casa de Cultura. Onlookers had a good laugh. I was victorious after six throws. However, I couldn’t scoop the insides out without a spoon. I was rescued by our bemused vendor, who came over with a spoon and a smile. He saved the day and then he fist bumped me.


3 responses to “Favorite Things: 6/20

  1. Clearly Lauren had the best time. and Alyson you have a weakness for nice people from Israel. it’s funny you know all of them now.
    I’m envious of Katie the most for attending her first world cup match. Russia 2018 looks very far right now since I don’t like Igor very much right now.
    have fun

  2. Enjoying the journey with you– great commentary! Enjoyed TV coverage of Hondurus vs Equador and Costa Rico and Italy yesterday. What a lifelong memory you are creating.

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