And They’re Off

Today is the day!

As we embark on this grand journey that we’ve been babbling about for the past four years, we would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible.

Special shout outs go to:

Al-GoreAl Gore, for inventing the internet so that we could publish a silly/random/weird travel blog.

CollageThe best dogsitters/airport chauffeurs/condo remodelers/parents.

523286_10101863434758623_2076120517_nOur no. 1 comment-leaver, Shapira.

computer icon 3Anyone who is reading this. We love you.

david-beckham-england-slovakia-international-_2075368And, finally, to David Beckham. Because he’s David Beckham.

Next stop: Recife! …via Miami …via Brasilia. 20 hours and 30 minutes of travel. Help.


4 responses to “And They’re Off

  1. Have a great trip. Thanks for making me super famous.
    Waiting to read your reports.
    I believe that we can win!!!

  2. Did you remember to pack you vuvuzelas? Have fun! I’ll look for you on TV.

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