It’s a miracle!

When FIFA’s ticket resale portal opened, we listed the extra set of tickets that we had won for the Round of 16 match in Recife.

As it’s a knockout match, we assumed that the tickets would sell. FIFA would keep 10% of the profits and we’d move on with our lives. Easy enough.

Nothing with FIFA is easy, however; we crossed our fingers and listed our tickets.

A few days later, it appeared that our tickets were already sold.

resaleCould it be?

It couldn’t be. If FIFA is anything, it is confusing and surely “refund pending” didn’t actually mean “refund pending.”

But maybe it did.

We logged on to see if there were any tickets available for that match.


We took it as a good sign. They’re sold? They’re really sold? It seemed too good to be true. It seemed far too easy for a FIFA process.

Naturally, we assumed that our refund wouldn’t come until December.

Of 2015.

But, miracle of miracles, it has already come through.

resale3Even FIFA gets it right every once and a while.


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