On Ticket Collection

When we went to the World Cup in 2010, FIFA offered exactly one way to get your tickets: pick them up from a ticket kiosk in South Africa.


Flying around the world without having the tickets to the events you’re flying around the world is a terrifying prospect but, somehow, we and every other World Cup attendee managed to cope.

For the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, FIFA offered fans a choice:
1. Pay to have your tickets mailed to you ahead of the event
2. Collect your tickets in Brazil.

While it is hard to admit that FIFA got something right, the ticket kiosks worked just fine and waiting until we arrive to pick up our tickets means that we can’t accidentally leave them behind on the counter at Chipotle in the airport. So we elected to pick up our tickets in Brazil.

Which, scanning the interwebs tells us, was actually the genius choice because everyone who elected to have their tickets shipped to them:
a. paid extra
b. is totally paranoid about when their tickets are coming because FIFA doesn’t send out shipping notification like a sensible online retailer
c. then has to mail the tickets back to FIFA if they’re planning on reselling any tickets (if you recall, we have a pair of tickets we’re selling back), which gives them less time to be resold
d. may leave their beloved tickets behind on the counter at Chipotle in the airport

Can’t lie: kind of feeling like a World Cup traveler genius.


3 responses to “On Ticket Collection

  1. You are the MASTER in planning. I can admit that.
    Keep the updates.
    Finally I have something to wait for.

  2. I’ll argue for the other side:
    Yesterday I opened a package from DHL, pulled out 4 tickets to US-Ghana (among others) and did the Clint Dempsey dance in my office:

    • The Clint Dempsey dance! hahahahaha!

      Can’t lie: I would be THRILLED to know where our seats are for each match. But knowing the limits of my own flakiness? I can wait. And should.

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