Look good, feel good

If you do a World Cup trip like we do a World Cup trip (and you should), one of the most important elements is your match-day outfits.

Who wants to travel halfway around the world and look like they just stopped at the World Cup on their way home from Starbucks?

It’s inappropriate.
Coordinate all of your outfits, my friends! This is the World Cup!

Either the World Cup gods were working against us or the shopping gods were on our side because, despite the healthy amount of international soccer gear that we own (a lot of it was necessary for the cold weather in South Africa and is simply too heavy for Brazil), our trip to Brazil has required a bit of outfit coordination.

Without giving too much away, our shopping list looks a little like this:

Italy v. Costa Rica sometimes when you have the ability to upgrade your wardrobe, you should upgrade your wardrobe. +2 shirts.
Croatia v. Mexico number of Mexico jerseys we own: 2, number of Mexico jerseys we will be wearing: 0. We attempted to root for our neighbors to the south and we learned our lesson. +2 shirts.
Italy v. Uruguay will we sport the colors of Italy or Uruguay? Stay tuned. +TBD.
USA v. Germany The purchase of obnoxious red, white, blue, stars, stripes and Uncle Sam will be detailed in another post. You have been warned. +all of the patriotism.   

Sure, we have no idea how we’ll get from the airport to our hotel. No, we haven’t learned Portuguese.

But we’ll look good.

Look good = feel good.

We’ll figure the rest out later.


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