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Operation: Hotel, part 3

With our self-imposed deadline of the Final Draw looming and unable to seal the deal with our potential Airbnb flat, we kicked our accommodation search into high gear. It didn’t hurt to continue to look around just in case the flat fell through.


We were running out of places to look, so we tiptoed onto FIFA’s hospitality website, MATCH, expecting to see the same obscene prices that we encountered during the 2010 World Cup.

The rates weren’t too bad. And the hotel selection was decent, too.

After crunching numbers and researching locations and exchanging dozens of emails, we decided to pass on our flat and book a triple room in a hotel. Going the MATCH hotel route ended up being less expensive and felt a little more secure than a would-probably-be-fine-but-you’re-renting-from-a-random-stranger-on-the-internet Airbnb booking.

And that is how we ended up doing exactly what we proclaimed that we wouldn’t: booking our hotel room straight from The Man.

Never say never, boys and girls.


Another jersey, another fashion post

The USMNT’s 2014 away jerseys, presented without comment.