Important Announcement

We interrupt this blog with an important announcement: we have officially applied for our Brazilian visa.

Unlike other countries we’ve visited before, Brazil requires American citizens to apply for a visa in order to be granted permission to enter the country. Brazil’s visa requirements are pretty simple: if your country requires Brazilians to have a visa (and the United States does), they require the same of your citizens. Reciprocal!

Typically, it costs your everyday American tourist $160 when applying for a Brazilian visa. Plus an extra $20 handling fee if you apply by mail rather than show up at the consulate in person. However, Brazil is granting special visas for the World Cup. And what’s special about it is that the special World Cup spectator visas are exempt of any fees.

That makes a girl feel a little better about the inflated hotel prices, you know?

In order to obtain a visa, you fill out an online application form (giving them everything from your birth date, to your employer, to your mom’s name), which you sign and mail to your designated regional consulate (being Detroiters, we sent our visas to the consulate in Chicago) along with a passport photo, a copy of your driver’s license, necessary supporting documentation (we had to mail copy of our ticketing receipts from FIFA) and your whole damn passport.

So that’s a little scary, mailing off your passport a mere 11 weeks and 2 days* before you’re due to leave the country.

Here’s to hoping for a smooth return of our necessary travel documentation. Bureaucracies, don’t fail us now!


*Not that we’re counting



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