Operation: Hotel, part 2

We didn’t restart our search for accommodations until October.

Deadlines are very inspirational.

You see, at that point, we knew the exact dates and locations of our trip. But the fans who follow their team wouldn’t learn of match locations, and therefore where they would need to book hotel rooms, until the draw.

We needed to get our accommodations booked before thousands of others were also looking for rooms in Recife. We needed a hotel before December 5. Time was of the essence. Katie took the reins. And scoured Airbnb. And sent emails. And otherwise navigated the same maze we had abandoned the previous spring.

This time, we had a few bites. Katie found a handful of flats that looked promising. The three of us exchanged many, many emails about the pros and cons of each. Untitled

Plus Alyson, who has an unfortunate penchant for paranoia, had read one too many horror stories about World Cup travelers who were booking apartments that were falling through when the proprietors got a better offer. Half convinced that they were going to sleep on the streets, she gave her blessing for Katie to go ahead and book the apartment.

And Lauren was in Mexico, drunk and willing to go along with anything.

So, Katie started the process with the kind and legitimate-sounding proprietor of a nice flat being rented to us for a fairly decent rate.

Nearly a month later, we still hadn’t gotten to the point where we could put down a deposit.

And we were just 16 days out from the final draw.


2 responses to “Operation: Hotel, part 2

  1. Loved it as always. Did you just adress yourself in the thirs person? did you just Illeism yourself? I’m impressed.

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