Ticket Lottery: Round 2.0

At the conclusion of the first round of ticketing, a random draw, we were allotted tickets to three of the five matches we were hoping to attend during the World Cup.

At the conclusion of the second round of ticketing, where tickets were sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, we snagged tickets to our fourth match.

Heading into the third round of ticketing, another random draw, we had one match we still needed tickets for: the Round of 16 match in Recife.

Being that tickets in the knockout rounds are presumably harder to come by, being that we really wanted to secure tickets now instead of sweating it out in the subsequent ticket rounds (where all tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis), we decided to play the system a little.

Don’t tell FIFA.

We submitted two different ticket applications for the same match with the hope that one of us, but not both, would be awarded tickets.

So, of course, both applications were successful.

Anyone need a few Round of 16 tickets?

In April, FIFA will open up a ticket reselling portal and we’ll list one set of tickets there. For a fee, FIFA will reallocate those tickets to some other soccer-crazed soul and we’ll be refunded the difference. Whatever that fee is, it’s safe to assume that:
a. it will be too high (as everything with FIFA is)
b. it will be worth it.


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