Ticket Lottery: Pre-Draw Analysis

And you thought I was through with the obscure ticket analysis!


Matches we have tickets for:
Match 24 – D4 v D2 – Recife / Category 2
Match 34 – A2 v A3 – Recife / Category 2
Match 39 – D4 v D1 – Natal / Category 1
Match 45 – G4 v G1 – Recife / Category 3

Matches we’re still trying to buy tickets for:
Match 52 – 1D v 2C – Recife

We won’t know what teams we will be seeing in Brazil until the Final Draw, which takes place this coming Friday, December 6. It’s actually sort of fun buying tickets without knowing; it makes the day of the Final Draw a very, very exciting one. And, truthfully, any World Cup game is an enjoyable World Cup game. Some just happen to be a little more exciting than others.

We can parse out some details, based on the schedule.

1. We’ll be seeing two seeded teams, the number 1 seed in Group D (Match 39) and the number 1 seed in Group G (Match 45.)

The seeded teams have already been determined. They are:
Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Columbia, Belgium, Switzerland, Uruguay.

Brazil, as the host, is slotted into the A1 position. Because of this, we know we won’t be seeing Brazil.We will definitely see two other teams on the list of seeded teams, however.

2. We will watch a game (Match 34) featuring teams from Brazil’s group. Theoretically, the match could play a role in how/if Brazil progresses past the Group Stage. Seeing as how they’re the host and, well, Brazil that potentially makes things exciting.

3. We see team D4 play twice, in Match 24 and Match 39. Would it be appropriate to hope that USA draws slot D4?

4. We’re seeing three of the four (D1, D2, D4) teams from Group D play. Plus, ticket gods willing, we will also see the team that finishes atop D play in the round of 16.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Group D is the 2014 World Cup’s Group of Death, okay? Okay.


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