Ticket Lottery: Round 1.5

And then on Monday, November 11, I got up at 5:55 am to buy more tickets.


And then on Monday, November 11, as expected, the FIFA ticketing website was all jammed up and buying tickets was impossible. (It happens every time FIFA offers tickets on a first come, first served basis.)


FIFA’s website was saying “you’re in the queue, don’t refresh the website” but a little bit of internet research inspired me to refresh the website a few hundred times and, a good 90 minutes into the sale, I got to see what tickets were available in the First Come, First Served sales phase.

Not a whole lot.


You would scroll down the list of matches and they mostly indicated that none were available. Occasionally, a match would show up as having very limited tickets. If you were interested in those tickets, you would click through to the game and oftentimes, by the time you got to the page where you would purchase your tickets, they were gone. Both of the matches we wanted tickets for were showing that the tickets were unavailable. It just happened that, while browsing tickets for the match in Natal, the ticket availability changed from “none available” to “limited quantity” at just the right moment.

The website indicated that there were Category 1 and Category 3 tickets available. I panicked for a moment before snatching up the Category 1 tickets. Go big or go home, right?

photo5I kept hoping that tickets for the Round of 16 match (#52) would pop up as available in much the same way but they never did.

Being that they’re tickets for a knockout round match, I assume these will be tricky, but not impossible, to obtain.

We’ll just keep trying in subsequent ticketing rounds. Or buy them from a nice, reasonable scalper on the streets of Recife.

Four matches down, one to go.


One response to “Ticket Lottery: Round 1.5

  1. Congratulations is a weird ticket request ID. just saying.
    This blog is the best.

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