Ticket Lottery: Round 1

Once we determined our World Cup home base, it was time to tackle the next task in our road to Brazil: submitting our request for tickets.

First, we honed in on the matches we wanted to attend.

We approached our ticket requests much the same way we did in 2010. Basically, we were looking for a two-week period where we could see the maximum number of matches in Recife and Natal, preferably including a Round of 16 game.


As was the case for the 2010 World Cup, FIFA is running multiple ticket sales periods.

The first round of ticketing ran August 20-October 10, 2013.

There was this big, ridiculous, needless rush for tickets on August 20. Fools. Everyone, regardless of if they submitted their ticket requests on August 20 or October 10 or somewhere in between, has an equal chance of winning (the right to purchase) tickets in the lottery.

We took our time and finally got around to submitting our request for tickets on October 5.

And then you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

FIFA doesn’t set an exact date for when they’ll run the lottery, just that it will be completed by the start of the next ticketing round, which makes the whole process more excruciating for the anxious traveling fan of international soccer.

On November 1, my credit card was charged. (Following a few annoying phone calls to the credit card company to pre-approve foreign charges.) We could tell by the amount that we didn’t get tickets to all of the matches that we had requested, but we would have to wait for FIFA to post our lottery results until we knew exactly where we were successful.

Which didn’t happen until November 7.

It was a long week of waiting.

Here is how it worked out (again, just click on the image to enlarge it.):

We ended up with tickets to three of the five matches that we requested (regarding our 60% success rate, Katie said “that’s a passing grade!”), being downgraded to cheaper seats in two of those matches.

For Match 24, we’ll be sitting in Category 2 seats instead of the Category 1 tickets we requested.

For Match 45, we’ll be sitting in Category 3 seats instead of the Category 2 tickets we requested.

We were denied tickets to the match in Natal. We were also denied tickets to the Round of 16 match in Recife. But that’s what subsequent ticketing rounds are for: continuing to beef up your match offerings.

As of the conclusion of the Random Selection Draw period: we have secured tickets to only to group-round matches, only in Recife.

We’ll see what the subsequent ticketing rounds bring us.


2 responses to “Ticket Lottery: Round 1

  1. Why Laurnen’s and Kathryn’s image in the guest section is a men’s image like you have in the WC (not world cup but the ither WC). From my understanding they are clearly not men. You should sue FIFA.

  2. I am not sure that the FIFA elite is aware that women attend their events, Shapira. FIFA is not the most female-friendly organization.

    May I remind you of Sepp Blatter’s comments about female players? “Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts.” Classy.

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