Home Sweet Home

6099Brazil is significantly larger than South Africa and the distance between World Cup host cities is significantly larger, too. It was a bit harder deciding on a city to base ourselves out of for this World Cup.

While in South Africa, staying in Johannesburg was so logical: three stadia in and around the city and a fourth just a couple of hours away.

There isn’t that obvious, convenient city to base ourselves out of in Brazil. The two largest and most well-known cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, aren’t hosting all that many matches and aren’t significantly more convenient to other host cities. There was also the concern that Rio and São Paulo would attract the most visitors, making it harder to find hotels and harder to secure tickets.

We settled on Recife, which is in northeastern Brazil. Recife will host five games, including a Round of 16 match, and it is less than five hours from Natal, where another four matches will be held.

And check out the view.


I have a hard time believing that anything in Brazil could match the experience that we had on our South African safari.

But I’m very willing to give it a try.


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