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Here We Go Again

Dying of curiosity as to what we’ve been up to on the eve of Tuesday’s epic USA-Mexico showdown in Columbus?

ImageJust the usual shenanigans. Outfit planning. Nail painting. Tony Meola tweeting. Sign making. General awesomeness that is basically a warmup for our grand Brazilian adventure of June, 2014. Consider it a practice round, dear friends.

ImageThis World Cup Qualifier is basically shaping up to be the biggest match of the year. The USMNT is on the verge of qualifying. Mexico’s coach was just fired on Friday and the team is in general disarray.

If you didn’t know, Mexico is probably USA’s biggest soccer rivalry. (Probably why the Mexican fans were such assholes to us in South Africa.) U.S. Soccer very strategically selected Columbus as the host for this match. The USMNT is undefeated against Mexico in Columbus. Columbus is a great soccer city (as much as saying anything positive about Columbus, Ohio kills me) and it doesn’t draw a huge number of Mexican fans (think of what the crowd would look like in Los Angeles), the strong pro-American atmosphere gives the USMNT a true home-field advantage. 

I expect that the crowd will be even better than it was when we were in Columbus for USA/Jamaica last fall. U.S. Soccer is going all out the size and scope of the supporter section. (Supporters being the true hooligans who bring the choreographed card displays, the unified chants, the songs, the scarfs, the madness.) Over 20 sections in Columbus Crew Stadium have been designated supporters sections. That’s a lot of diehards.

ImageWe got our tickets directly from U.S. Soccer and we’ll be sittin’ pretty at midfield.

Standing pretty, actually.

There will be no sitting on Tuesday night.