Passing the Time

If you’re wondering how we’re successfully putting off the official start to our World Cup planning, here are our secrets to success.

1. Shop. Stockpiling patriotic gear should not be limited only to World Cup years.



2. Shop more. Because every girl needs her own Clint Dempsey jersey.
Image3. Playing a bit of futbol. FYI: having a pair of sisters on your team is better than not having a pair of sisters on your team.


4. Plan a trip to Columbus for World Cup qualifying match.


5. Responding to the occasional question from a reader. We’ve had a fair number of questions/comments from readers and are happy to provide a bit of insight from a dynamic duo who has been there before. Don’t be shy!

6. Frequent our favorite soccer bar for opportunities to wear our new patriotic gear/World Cup qualifying match viewing.



7. Buying Detroit City F.C. season tickets. While the season has yet to begin, we’re optimistic that our hometown squad can fill the soccer void in our hearts.


8. Random other activities such as holding down full-time jobs, buying houses and spending too much time on Twitter.


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