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For those of you keeping track at home

The opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is 450 days away.

At this time in the last World Cup cycle, we already had a rough idea of when we would be in South Africa and what matches we would request tickets for. We knew the results of the first round of ticket request by the end of April, 2009.

FIFA isn’t keeping the same timeline for this World Cup; it appears that we won’t be requesting tickets until the fall. Which is all well and good — longer to keep our money out of the greedy hands of FIFA — except that it puts a slight crimp in the buy-our-plane-tickets-350ish-days-out strategy.

Also complicating the ideal scenario for purchasing our plane tickets a year in advance is my complete inability to decide where in Brazil we should go. Brazil is a big country. We aren’t going to have the luxury photo(2)of choosing a home base with several stadia within a few hours of travel. Do we move around a little more, taking a flight or two between host cities? Do we just choose the best location and stay there? That’s all up in the air.

But speaking of plane tickets: have I mentioned that a certain charming little sister bought a certain undeserving big sister a rather generous Christmas gift in the form of a plane ticket to Brazil? Why, yes, I did win the sibling lottery.