When it comes to food, we aren’t shy

With the exception of our second trip to Rustenburg – the day where:

  • we couldn’t get any food at the stadium after standing in line for 40 minutes 
  • we didn’t return from our epic bus trip until 3:30 am and Lauren was forced to eat the pasta that had been sitting, unrefrigerated, in our room for 30 hours

I think that we ate quite well on our trip to South Africa.   

Food, as much as I like it, was not the main focus of our trip.  While we ate well, I wouldn’t claim to have frequented any restaurant that were particularly unique or off of the beaten track. 

I didn’t do any research on restaurants prior to our arrival and, unfortunately, we were somewhat limited to those three popular areas where we often spent our evenings.  But that’s okay: we ate, we ate well and it wasn’t like the point of our trip was to sample all of the variety of fine dining that South Africa had to offer. 

Truly fine dining while watching soccer on television doesn’t mix anyway.

Nelson Mandela Square

  • Pappas on the Square (dinner)
  • Ghirardellis (dinner)
  • Trumps International Grillhouse (dinner)
  • Caffe Della Salute (lunch)


  • Ocean Basket (lunch)
  • Europa (lunch)
  • Bulldogs Pub and Grub (dinner)
  • Nino’s (dinner)
  • Vanilla (for gelato)

Melrose Arch


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