Newsflash: it really is cold here

6:30 am on Thursday morning and we were awake.  Wide awake.

I don’t know how to explain that other than to say: this time change? Totally screwing us up. And it isn’t like we’re just reverting back to the time at home.  In Michigan, it was 12:30 am!

We took a short visit to the hotel’s business center to check our email.  Much to our chagrin, attempting to send communication via smoke signal would be as effective as using the hotel’s wireless network.  After way too many frustrating minutes spent trying to connect, we’ve all but accepted that our laptops won’t be getting online at the hotel.  (We still periodically try to connect.  Either because we’re optimistic or because we’re really clueless.) 

Annoying!  Although, the business center allows us to do everything we need but Skype with our parental units.  And, with as slow as the internet connection here appears to be, we probably would’ve had a hard time with that anyway.

With our computing done, we breakfasted in the hotel’s restaurant – a fairly standard, yummy breakfast buffet.  It had everything that you would expect – pastries, coffee, scrambled eggs, yogurt, granola, fruit, cereal – and a few things that you wouldn’t, like a large vat of sauce and meat that looked a bit like really, really runny chili. 

When we returned to our room, it was time to get ready for Argentina v. South Korea!  Traffic around the stadiums is astoundingly bad.  Our shuttle to the games was scheduled to pick us up at 10:00 am.  The game started at 1:30 pm!  No joke.

The major challenge of our day was dressing for the weather.  It is cold here, you guys!  Really, really cold.  The highs are usually in the 50s, but it certainly doesn’t feel like that when you factor in the wind or sitting in the shade.  Brrrr!

From watching the earlier games on television before we left, we’d had some idea that we would need to dress warmly.  But I should make a little confession.  I might have tried to convince Lauren that all of the people in the stands who were bundled up in hats and winter jackets did so because they were from warm, tropical places.  We wouldn’t be cold!  We’re hearty Michiganders! 


Although, we didn’t realize how wrong we were until we were sitting in the stands at the Argentina v. South Korea match.


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