As far as emails that I did NOT expect to be sitting in my inbox this morning, this was most certainly one of them.

“I have the most devastating news.  Our beautiful guest house burned to the ground, it took a direct hit from the lightning and was gone in 15 minutes.  Apart from the total devastation, I have been beside myself with worry of what to do re all the World Cup bookings as I was totally fully booked.  I did not get in touch with you immediately last week when it happened, in between everything I have done my absolute best to secure accommodation for you.  There is a lodge at the top of our road that had been totally booked out by MATCH (the official FIFA booking agent) anyway due to the ridiculous prices they were quoting, no-one booked there and now MATCH have released the rooms.  I have given them your booking (subject to your approval) as I did not know what else to do. ”

That’s right, boys and girls.  OUR HOTEL BURNED DOWN.


5 responses to “OMG

  1. Lightning ??
    Are you sure you didnt get duped by scammers ?
    There are lots of Nigerian based 419 scammers sitting and cheating ppl in Johannesburg.
    Have some local in Johanneburg check the place out and actually find out if it was legitimate. Buy the guy a beer later

  2. Lightning.

    I know, right?

    It sounds like a scam, yes. For whatever reason, I’m inclined to believe it. I have a few locals checking the situation out (one already called and said that they were given the same story as what I was emailed), and I’m looking into other options in case:
    a. I really was scammed.
    b. I decide that the replacement accommodations aren’t up to par with what I paid for at my original guest house.

  3. did you pay a deposit when you reserved the room ? if you didnt, then its fine.

  4. Yes, we paid a deposit.

    We do have travel insurance. And whatever the credit cards would cover. So we’d likely be okay if this really is a scam…just making a lot of plans at the last minute.

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