Getting our tourist on

When choosing accommodations for our two weeks in Johannesburg, a big selling point for the property that we selected was the shuttle and tours that it was providing to guests.

We are packing a lot of games into the two weeks of our trip, but there was never any doubt that we were going to tie on our sneakers, hang our cameras around our neck, slather on the sunscreen and get our tourist on.

(If you see two loud American women with curly, strawberry blonde hair, posing for a picture every 25 seconds – please stop to say hello!)

Our guest house is arranging a Soweto tour. At a reasonable price and on a day that we’re not attending a match, we jumped at the opportunity to book seats on the Soweto tour.

Additionally, the guest house has tours of the Lion Park and the Elephant Sanctuary available on days when there are nighttime matches in Johannesburg. There’s really nothing I love more than packing my schedule excessively full, so we’ll likely take one (or both) of these tours on days when we’re also seeing a match.

The guest house has also scheduled a few South African evenings, where guests can “partake of a good South African braai.” There are few things we like to do more than eat, especially when the eating can be disguised as cultural exploration. Count us in!

Unfortunately, a trip to Kruger National Park for a proper safari didn’t fit into our itinerary. We’ve elected for the best alternative: a day tour to Sun City and Pilanesberg National Park on another one of the days that we aren’t seeing a match. We booked the trip through a tour operator recommended by our guest house. While the tour isn’t exactly inexpensive and it will require us to get up painfully early, we’re awfully keen on seeing the wildlife.

We have one additional full day, plus a few half-days, that we can spend how we please. I have a few ideas up my sleeve (and in my travel binder) – the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, Montecasino, Gold Reef City, Cullinan Diamond Mine – but certainly no solid plans.

What do you most want to see when you’re in South Africa? What do you recommend that we do? What shouldn’t we bother with?


One response to “Getting our tourist on

  1. Nice blog! I just found this from your postes at TripAdvisor. I will be another fanatical American traveling there watching games.

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