Frustrating and necessary

Planning our trip to South Africa for the World Cup hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, folks. 

Most of the time, yes, my heart is all atwitter and the research is (warning: nerd alert) blissful and fun and I happily sing my credit card number to whatever vendor requests it.  Most of the time. 

But there are some aspects of the trip that I just can’t deal with.  Or don’t want to deal with.  Or otherwise loathe. 

Things That I Currently Strongly, Strongly Dislike:

Converters and adaptors and things otherwise electricity related: hate.  Apparently we need a converter and an adaptor and maybe a master electrician so as to assure that we don’t blow up any of our electronics.  And maybe a transformer?  Or a surge protector?  I keep reading up on this and I keep failing to understand. 

Here is what I need: one (1) angel of electricity and foreign travel to:
-Take inventory of the electronics that we’ll be bringing with us
-Determine what we will need in order to assure that those electronics:
a. Work in South Africa
b. Continue to work once we return home
-Purchase necessary
-Purchase necessary converter(s)
-Purchase necessary surge protector(s)
-Purchase necessary transformer(s)
-Fly to South Africa, plug in adaptor(s)/converter(s)/surge protector(s)/transformer(s)/electronics
-Be available at a moment’s notice for the duration of our travel

Things that are not okay: frying our laptops, ruining our flat iron, blowing up camera batteries, not being able to blog, etc. 

Travelling to and from Rustenburg on match days: hate.  We’re going to Rustenburg twice: on June 22 for Mexico v. Uruguay and again on June 26 for Round of 16 – 1C v 2D. 

In the perfect world, it is a day trip.  We get on a bus in Johannesburg.  It takes us to Rustenburg.  We watch the match.  We get back on the bus.  It takes us to Johannesburg.  Easy.  Simple.

Supposedly, FIFA will have intercity busses to shuffle us to and from Rustenburg.  These busses have been mentioned time and time again in FIFA documents, but it ends there.  No times, prices, details, etc. 

From FIFA’s website:

“Park and ride systems in Rustenburg will use a combination of contracted bus and taxi services. OR Tambo International Airport will be the main air hub for the city and intercity transfers will transport fans between Johannesburg and Rustenburg. The city has also made provision for a long distance bus service to the stadium and supporters will be able to arrive in Royal Bafokeng and walk to their seats.”

Now: could someone please tell me if this is really going to happen?  Because I would really like to know if I should book a driver and/or plan on rollerblading the 80 miles to Rustenburg.  

Cell phones and SIM cards and making sure we can call our Mommy and Daddy to assure them that we are still alive: hate. Okay, so, I have this SIM card for a cell phone.  Which doesn’t work in either of our cell phones because our cell phones don’t use SIM cards because our service provider is clearly trying to kill me.  But I think it will work in an old Blackberry Storm that we have laying about.  But we need to get it unlocked.  Which will be annoying.  And we’ll need to buy some sort of a pay-as-you-go plan when we get to South Africa, which probably won’t be all that difficult, but I like to assume the worst and our mom is going to want a phone call the instant we land in South Africa. 

And we need to decide if we need a second phone.  And if we’re going to get another phone unlocked. Or just buy that phone in South Africa.  And all that jazz.

Some of the time, I want to scream.

Most of the time, I want to turn cartwheels.

Because, other than those three little issues, we’re 42 days from departure and everything is peachy.


2 responses to “Frustrating and necessary

  1. Hi
    It would be easier for you to rent a cell at the airport when you land and give mom a call with the new number.As for your laptop the hotel that you will be staying at can help with your adaptors..

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions!

      It’s quite likely that we’ll end up buying at least one of our phones (or getting the Blackberry activated) at the airport. Buying things at airports always feels like I’m getting taken advantage of! …but anything to let Mom know that we’ve arrived safely! 🙂

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