U-S-A, U-S-A

While completely content with the matches we had tickets for, it seemed silly not to see the American squad play a match if it were possible to do so. 

We’re American.  We look good in red, white and blue.  And it should be especially fun cheering on our home country. 

So, I took a gander at the schedule. 

June 12: England vs. USA We’re still stateside. 
June 18: Slovenia vs. USA
June 23: USA vs. Algeria  We’ll be at Soccer City, watching Ghana v. Germany. 

Okay.  June 18 it is!  Decision made.

When the third ticket sales phrase rolled around – you could put your application in any time between December 5, 2009 and January 22, 2010 – I put in a request for two tickets for the Slovenia/USA match at Ellis Park.

On account of the fact that:

  • We’re American
  • I’m financially irresponsible
  • I suspected that doing so would increase our chances of getting tickets

I applied for Category 1 tickets (Fun reminder: those are the priciest ones) and indicated that I would be willing to take tickets in a lower category.

(Obviously, willingness to buy Category 1, Category 2 and Category 3 gives you much better odds than saying that you want only Category 3 tickets.)

I was awarded Category 1 tickets. 

(Sorry, wallet!)

In honor of the occasion – since we’re American and patriotic and willing to make asses out of ourselves – we’re going to go all out. U.S. Soccer tattoos on our cheeks.  Ribbon in our hair.  And a lot of quality USA apparel. 

I’m pairing a new scarf with a U.S. Soccer fleece that I already own; Lauren purchased a new hoodie to wear while cheering on our fellow Yanks. 

And, yes, there will be temporary tattoos on our cheeks. 

And ribbon in our hair.

And maybe one of those obnoxious Uncle Sam hats.  Or a Statue of Liberty crown. 

Patriotic and embarrassing go hand in hand.


4 responses to “U-S-A, U-S-A

  1. screw germany vs ghana, you should be going to usa vs algeria.
    you know you can still change your plans. pretoria from joburg is like ann arbor to detroit or even lesser! piece of cake.

    • Not gonna lie, I’m sort of tossing around the idea of doing both… We would just need to hire a driver waiting to take us from one to the other. (Insane? Probably.)

  2. Why have you got a picture of somebody with a Liberian flag painted on their face? Surely that’s not very patriotic. 🙂

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