The one where it is clear that I need to get a life

For the past four years, I’ve had the same wallpaper on my work computer.

I’ve moved offices, changed positions and killed at least three computers. But the wallpaper always stays the same.  I like consistency.  And I feel a special kinship to this wallpaper, in its psychedelic, World Cup, pink glory.

Nothing makes me happier than opening a document off of my happy, pink, World Cup 2006 desktop.  Well, except for not working.  That makes me happier.

But if I have to work, it should be from my Pretty Pink Fútbol Fanatic Wallpaper of Glory.

One look at it and I am transported back to the summer of 2006, when a television was within view from the confines of my desk and World Cup matches were always on. Oh, 2006, how magical you were.  I introduced the World Cup to my officemates. By the time the tournament progressed to the Round of 16, they were obsessed. We made a pool. We gathered around the television for highlights. We adopted a baby unicorn and named it Sir Zinedine Zidane.

If you don’t already think I’m insane, please let me spell it out for you: I have an emotional attachment to my desktop wallpaper.

Yesterday, friends, was A  Very Big Deal.

I changed my wallpaper. 

I think we can all agree: therapists around the world would applaud such a monumental change in my simple, simple life. 

It is time to embrace the newest fad, boys and girls.  It’s 2010. 

And pink is so over.


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