I don’t get out much

This trip, I anticipate, will be mildly fabulous.  Thus, counting down the days in my planner just wouldn’t cut it.

It would be like wearing a pair of sweats to prom.

After hitting the 100-day mark on Sunday, I’ve been especially excited.  While I haven’t been particularly productive in other areas of my life (see: laundry, going to the gym, paying bills, being a respectable member of society), my anticipatory giddiness has sparked a bit of creativity.

And how better to express a bit of unadulterated excitement than through arts and crafts?

This idea was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t help myself.  (If you continue to read this blog, you’ll come to find that this is a recurring theme in my everyday life.)

Paper countdown chains.  One for me, one for Lauren.

Did you ever make these in school?  In grade school, we put together paper chains in preparation of an event (field day, holiday break, the day our teacher went on maternity leave) and we’d tear off one link each day.

I can only think of one better way to track the days left until South Africa, and that would be a chocolate-a-day countdown calendar like the advent calendars Mom used to get us at Christmastime.  But I’m not much of a chocolatier.   

Thus, from some tape and colored paper and a complete lack of shame, the paper chain was born.

In case you’re keeping track: it has 97 links.


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